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Mobile app development & Digital design studio

About Us

Creative360 is a mobile app development and digital design studio based in the heart of NYC. We're a small creative team of design-oriented makers and builders.

We specialize in the beautiful craft of branding, designing, and developing iOS, android, and web apps. We create visually stunning products that redefine the technical boundaries of today’s mobile and web development standards.

We work together with entrepreneurs, startups, and enterprise clients to define and redefine their brand identity, designing and developing stellar web and mobile apps with a solid user experience and beautiful user interface.

Our Process

We understand the psychology of user behavior and focus on delivering a sleek, slick, and seamless user experience. We take a design-oriented approach when it comes to formulating concepts for entrepreneurs, startups, and enterprise clients.

Concepting & Strategy

It begins with understanding your key business requirements, such as your business drivers, market opportunity, competitive analysis, user feedback etc. We then merge this with the technical aspects of the existing technology landscape to take the next step forward.


Absorbing your specs, we create draft concepts. Whether your app is lean and simplistic or an advanced app with all the bells and whistles, we explore different concepts until we narrow down the direction to a single concept and create a fully fledged identity for your brand.


Once the concept is locked, we begin wireframing the layouts for the user experience to create a smooth interaction between the user and the app. Once wireframes are created, we begin formulating the user interface to create high-impact visuals for your app.

Prototype Polishing

At this point, your idea has been brought to life and is pretty much ready for development. However, at Creative360 we go through a strict review process with you to confirm and polish what we have got so far before we move ahead.


In this stage, our front and back-end developers work in concert to begin putting your app together. Server components will be taken into account during the process to streamline the coding time and to avoid any complications.


During this much awaited final stage, we take a methodical and organized approach to review the app with the client for superior quality and efficiency before we submit it for approval to their respective app stores.

Recent Work


Fototwics is a real-time micro blogging platform for photos, that lets you join the world’s visual conversation. Available as an iOS & web app.

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Vaulet is an upcoming personal data aggregation application. It will be available on Mac, iOS, and Android.

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Traca is a trusted community for people to discover, donate, and participate in charitable initiatives around the world.

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C2GO operates a proprietary web and mobile platform for the automation and management of electronic business disbursements to independent recipients.

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Meet Our Team

Shiv Kapoor
CEO & Creative Director
Steven Miller
Brand Development and Strategist
Isaac Park
Lead Program Manager
Nikola Stojanovic
Creative Director
Jesus Lugo
Senior Developer
Illia Strikhar
UX/UI Designer
Dani Yudatandiana

Client Testimonials

"Creative360's work has repeatedly shown inspirational design elements combined with superior execution, making them the perfect partners for a complex functional app. The difficulty lies in making a clean sleek design while generating simple functionality for an industry that is notoriously complicated."

Oliver Morgan

Founder, Traca

"Creative360 is a creative and professional company that can bridge the gap between a non-techy and a techy. I highly recommend them for any digital design and development needs."

Gai Spann


"Creative360 has been AMAZING to work with - the design they produced were exactly what we needed/asked for and they were able to work with us on timing and pricing!"

Tara Lynn Antonucci


"I came to Creative360 needing eye catchy wire-frames for our mobile, mac, and web app. The outcome has been nothing short of world class & the process was simple, effective and great fun."

Lars Iversen

VP Product Engineering, Fototwics

"I worked with Creative360 to launch our digital lifestyle magazine, YogaDigest. There was a real sense of partnership working with the Creative360 team and they are amazing at coming up with outside-of-the-box solutions."

Cody Groth

Founder, YogaDigest

"Design was the crucial deciding factor in my choice of development firms. After going through several firms, I chose Creative360 and I am amazed by their creativity and design-oriented approach."

David Lee

CEO, NameTrips

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