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Creatives by nature, creations by nurture. The forethought and ingenuity that goes into building your product is a result of having a team who started by building themselves.

About Us

Since its inception, Creative360 has strived to deliver solutions for budding entrepreneurs with new ideas. Our focus has been on being a technology partner for our clients, helping them refine, design, and, ultimately, launch their mobile applications. This focus is our passion and, accordingly, it has shaped the capabilities of our agency.
“We build thoughtful identities and experieces to create life-changing digital products.”
Shiv Kapoor, CEO & Chief Mobile Architect

Shiv Kapoor

Mobile Architect

Shiv is a serial-entrepreneur who started his journey at the age of 14 and has founded several successful technology start-ups. As an expert in mobile design, startups, product strategy, and complex back-end architecture, Shiv leads Creative360 as its CEO and chief mobile architect. Having sold his first startup to an Inc. 500 company, Shiv has the compassion and savvy to foster a bold idea into a profitable reality.

Nikola Stojanovic

Creative Director

Through the smokey haze of hand-rolled cigarettes you’ll find Nikola Stojanovic cooking up his latest design. Hailing from the largest design firm in Serbia, Nikola knows a thing or three about pixel-perfect mockups, branding, and lettering. Once a project falls into Nikola’s lap, it leaves looking so alive that its almost concerning.

Isaac Park

Lead Program Manager

Isaac Park is the Lead Program Manager at C360 with a passion for strategy and problem solving. He has worked with startups from the ground up to develop their business models and concepts. Coming from a web development background, he understands what is required technically to be a liaison between the client and the developers.

Illia Strikhar

Lead Strategist & UX/UI Designer

Illia Strikhar is a UX Specialist with a passion of crafting state-of-art online products that help people. He does everything from customer discovery and concept validation to designing low-fi wireframes and eventually turning them into pixel-perfect hi-fi interactive prototypes.

Sky Calibey

Product Manager & UX Designer

Sky Calibey is a compulsive creator who founded his own company out of college that focused on delivering digital products in the SMB sector. As a Product Manager at Creative360, he works to ensure that a product’s vision becomes a reality by asking the deep-digging questions and incorporating those answers in every stage of creation. Whether the client wants a status update or a cheesy joke, Sky vows to make every project go as smoothly as possible.

Stanimir Stoyanov

Sr. Back-end Engineer

Full-stack developer specializing in mobile and web back-end development, WordPress development, custom CMS and ecommerce development, database optimization, performance optimization, front-end development, mobile and web  architecture engineering and server administration.

Vasyl Lagutin

Lead Backend Developer

Experienced Full Stack Software Engineer with over 10 years of experience.  Vasyl has a Masters Degree in Computer Systems and Networks and super passionate about software development and excellent hands-on skills in software architecture, TDD, OOP/OOD, software design best practices and design patterns.

Nikola Boychev

Lead FrontEnd Developer

Lead frontend engineer with a passion for AngularJS, ReactJS, iOS, Android, Git, SVN, HTML5 and CSS3 .

Jesus Lugo

Full-Stack Engineer

Jesus is a passionate full-stack developer who loves working with Zurb’s Foundation and likes to write his CSS through SASS. In his free time he likes to play the Guitar and Flute. By nature a geek, by personality always curious and known to his Creative360 team members as a night owl and gadget lover.

Ivan Kisilenko

Backend & Mobile Developer

Ivan has a knack for both MEAN stack and mobile app development. With over 5 years of fullstack experience, his passion for developing state of the art technology comes through beautifully.

Oleg Kochura

Lead React Native Developer

Oleg is our lead react native developer. Proficient equally in iOS and Android, Oleg turns apps into beautiful mobile user experiences .

Petar Valchev

Frontend Developer

Petar is a frontend developer also known as our javascript ninja. He can turn any design concepts into larger-than-life interactive animations.

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